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NFARL logoIt’s time to resurrect my ham radio blog. My last blog was hosted by Blue Host a hosting company that came well recommended before they were acquired by Endurance International Group, a gargantuan holding company. I believe that customer service quality has decreased since I initially bought three years of hosting services.

The problem was that viruses appeared in a couple of my web sites, and all my web site access was suspended until I could clean things up. I tried, even to the point of deleting entire web sites, but to no effect. They told me that they would clean the sites for $250. I declined to pay to clean their server. I had no control over their end of the system, and they wanted me to fix their problem at my expense. is here resurrected using hosting and software. I have used the WordPress software platform for years on various sites and blogs. I have another blog on, and don’t remember any problems over the last several years. Their hosting is world-class because they control the software, access, and have appropriate security measures online all the time.

I will be writing about regular ham radio stuff. More immediately, Field Day is upon us and I am looking forward to manning the CW station at the North Fulton Amateur Radio League event from midnight Saturday to four o’clock Sunday morning. After that, I will take a turn at the SSB station.

73, and come around often.



4 thoughts on “Resurrection Blog

  1. Bob,
    Exactly my problems with Bluehost a couple years ago! I also had a WordPress blog on their platform and also got blacklisted. I tried and tried, I cleaned up and reinstalled eveyrthing, finally I gave up and removed everything from there. Now there is nothing left on their hosting–just plain static files, not even exposed as a web server. But still my domain is blacklisted…
    I’m glad I’m not alone and yes, it seems it’s not just a coincidence… I’ll learn from your experience and re-establish my blog on Thanks for encouragement!


    • For a company that used to have great customer service, they have gone down a great deal. has their problems, and I just cannot find a place to complain except maybe a forum that I am not sure anybody reads.

      I used to do privately hosted WordPress sites, and I really liked the WordPress platform. However, I have not been really in to web stuff for more than a year, and things are changing.



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