Field Day 2019: Another So-So Year

Field Day 2019 was not a super year for propagation. The bands simply were not there for us, and I expect total contacts will reflect that. Even so, we had a lot of fun renewing friendships, enjoying terrific barbecue, and playing with radios.

Field Day 2019 3:00 AM CW Operating Position

That’s who we are.

The North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL – We pronounce this, “nar-fel”.) was really prepared for everything except the propagation. Even so, I look forward to seeing how we measured up to the rest of the country.

For three out of the last four years NFARL was the #1 club in the nation in the 3A category of Field Day stations. This means that we had three transmitters going pretty much continually, and we were running on emergency generator power. That’s what the A stands for in 3A.

There is always the chance that another club out-operated us, or was better organized, but our membership has always stepped up to the challenge of competing not only with regular, pedestrian clubs like ours, but also against contest clubs whose only reason for being is to operate in contests like Field Day. You might call them the professionals of Amateur radio, a conflicting description yet applicable.

Thanks to all the members who are serious about organizing a winning Field Day. When you have done your best, there is no shame.


73 Everybody. See ya’ll next year.




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