Welcome to Bob’s Ham Radio Page.

My name is Bob Beeman, and my call is k4bb. Don’t let the lower case letters in the call-sign put you off. Think of it this way. When you are programming a computer in almost any language, all your variables, commands, and comments will be mostly in the lower-case, or even camel-case for you computer jocks.

Additionally, when you are copying CW with a pencil or pen, you will probably copy the code in lower-case letters, or even cursive letters to get it all down.

The purpose of this blog is to write articles about ham stuff. This will range from antennas and gear to operating experiences. Comments are welcome, and even solicited on articles.

This site is hosted by WordPress.com. I may change the theme when I find exactly the kind of theme I want. I operate another blog hosted on WordPress, and have never had a problem. Basic WordPress hosting is free, and world-class. They are not prefect, but what is?